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Мать 6 детей поразила сногсшибательной фигурой

Мать шестерых детей Дебора Гудман поразила своей красивой и спортивной фигурой. 34-летняя женщина успевает и на тренировки, и воспитывать детей.Мать 6 детей поразила сногсшибательной фигурой Гудман также принимает участие в спортивных конкурсах в категории "Бикини".

Читaйтe тaкжe: Ким Кардашян во второй раз стала мамой

Женщина опубликовала видео, где тренируется с маленькой дочкой на руках.

In a state of shock right now ... Winning the Model Contest here at the #phoenixeuropa ahhh feeling so privileged to be competing with so many gorgeous models. Many believe six kids would hold you back from things such as this. Blessed just to be able to show women and moms you can have a family be an amazing wife and mother and take care of yourself at the same time. Thankful to my husband and kids coming out to support me. Grand prize being a new camaro .... but this right here is what it's all about #lovethem #fitmom #fitnessmodelcontest @richgaspari #winacamaro #sportsandfitness #ifbbbikinipro #gasparisports #teamazpro @teamazpro @azprophysiques @europagamesexpo #azprophysiques #europagames

Фото опубликовано Deborah Goodman IFBB Pro (@deborahgoodman80) Окт 11 2015 в 3:57 PDT

Different stages of my life that both required diet and exercise. I gave my body to my children all through my 20's and feel as though I still am. Not one decision would I change...then or now. Thankful and extremely blessed to have had six healthy babies And even though the twins have been one of my biggest struggles they have also been one of my greatest blessings. Yes I believe your body is a temple. Because of my choices I will feel better live longer and have more energy for my family. The work I put into it then and the work I put into it now has not changed. I've always respected my body and have been careful with what I do to it. Seeing first hand the impact diet has on your mood mind and behavior in both adolescence and adulthood. If this is viewed as self indulging then please enlighten me. Not vain and not a fan of bathroom selfies. Just making a point that babies don't ruin your body but instead give it strength. Showing moms you can have balance ... you can have both. Taking the break when you need it and pushing hard when you're able to. I'm far from perfect and live the same life as any other working mom. Making sure to embrace the small sweet moments I have with my children knowing they will always come first. Thankful for my confidence and willingness to stand up for what I believe in regardless of the backlash I've received. Thank you to those who have supported me, for there are many. While we all have insecurities I will forever be grateful for the gifts I have been given and my choices that have brought me to this place in my life #happiness #gratitude #azprophysiques #teamazpro

Фото опубликовано Deborah Goodman IFBB Pro (@deborahgoodman80) Сен 24 2015 в 6:23 PDT

Last week when I chose to sleep in one day and take my plyo workout outside my baby isn't much of a baby anymore but I can still pretend lol Working on that heart shaped booty with some side squats, curbside princess lunges and some side hops. You don't always need a gym to get in a good workout. Just gotta get creative #cardiolegs #outerglutes #homeworkouts #spribands #fitmom #bikinipro

Видео опубликовано Deborah Goodman IFBB Pro (@deborahgoodman80) Сен 10 2015 в 8:25 PDT

Me a few months ago and me now. One with more muscle and a little more body fat and the other with less of both. But both looks and both bodies I do love. I don't view one as better or worse than the other. I love building muscle and lifting heavy then seeing it take shape as I lean down. It's not always about being lean but loving and appreciating your body at every stage that you put it through. I'm happy with where I've been where I am now and the changes I've made to get to this point. We all have times where we are more flexible and I still am but at the same time being realistic with my goals and how to balance it all #azprophysiques #teamazpro #fitmom #ifbb #bikinipro

Фото опубликовано Deborah Goodman IFBB Pro (@deborahgoodman80) Сен 3 2015 в 2:14 PDT
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